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round worms in cats

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Hello .
I am fairly new to cats . I have had my first 2 for 4-7 months now .
They have been treated for parasites atleast 5 times each .
I have had stool samples come back negative only to have the worms come back .
I was giving them strongid every 2 weeks .
It seems like a never ending cycle .
How do you know when they are gone for good .
Does this happen often with cats ?
The vet bills keep adding up < Im not quite sure what to do at this point .
Any advice would be greatly appreciated . thank you
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Do your cats go outside? They could just keep picking them up off of fleas or rats or something. I would say you need to clean the litter box several times a day, change the litter often, bleach out the box, wear gloves while going it, wash your hands often, steam clean your carpets, use very hot/boiling water on your floors to kill eggs and maybe even keep the cats separated while sorting this out. I'm not sure why you have to keep going to the vet though, you could buy stuff over the counter from a pet store or something... much cheaper if you're worried about vet bills.
DEpending on exactly which roundworms you are dealing with and exactly what your doses and schedule is and if your cats go outside - or if you have dogs or houseplants....just a lot of ifs. He is a link with visual on life cycles and infections with roundworms that should help also treatment info too.
Roundworms in Cats & Kittens

Roundworms in Cats & Kittens
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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