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Runaway Cat

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Runaway cat captured in Woodbury after 3 months at freeway interchange

The saga of Woodbury's traffic cat is over.

A cat that somehow survived three months inside the cloverleaf interchange at Interstates 94 and 494 is safe, and in need of a home.

"He's a little scared, but he is very sweet," Deb Balzer, spokeswoman for the Animal Humane Society, said Thursday.

The cat has been named Adam, in honor of Adam Sack, the Woodbury police officer who rescued him.

"I am surprised - he is in good shape," Sack said. The only harm done is frostbite on the tips of the cat's ears.

The cat apparently found water in a small pond and survived on meat from the carcass of a deer that died nearby.

Full story HERE.
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That's a great story. He is a very handsome cat.
Wow! What a story. He's a mighty fine looking fellow too.
Whoa! I use that cloverleaf at least a few times a week. Who knew there was a cat living in it!
I drive by there a few times a month, too. PAWSOME news that he's been rescued!! I hope he finds a furever family soon!!
When I drove over the clover leaf today I thought about the kitty and I have no idea how he could have survived that long!
Since he was found by a highway and was obviously someone's pet I certainly hope they are putting the word WAY out there... If I lost kyra or tucker while traveling and didn't hear that someone had found them... I would be heartbroken. Godspeed to mr. Adam in finding his way home.
Awww....poor baby! He must have been so scared.

I hope he finds a good home, with someone who's educated enough about cat nutrition and will continue to feed him raw transition time or hassle involved. It would be a win win for the cat and owner. But, all things considered, the important thing is he survived and is now safe.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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