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Russian Blue Cats

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Are there any people who have Russian blues? What can you tell about them?

Since I am gonna have one pretty soon, I am interested if you can tell something about you Russian blue pets. :D :D :D

I have read many books about their character, however, it would be really interesting to know your opinion, guys.

Thanks in advance.
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My friend's bed-pooper is a russian blue. Well, like 3/4 russian blue. He seems to be a good controlled cat otherwise. Nice and small.
I'm owned :wink: by two Russian Blue girls - they are the most charming and attached to family cats I have ever seen, even comparing them to Siamese cats.
I had a russian blue male kitty, whom I had put down because (2 years ago) he was FeLV positive. I still miss him. I did manage to find a female russian blue-mix at our local shelter, almost immediately after I lost my male. Her name is Puma, but she is not as friendly as my other kitty, although I still love her. Puma has a quick temper, and will strike out at any other cat whom she feels aggrivated with, including people. Otherwise she is a beautiful lap-kitty.

Personally, I like the Russian Blue breed. They are very faithful, and loving pets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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