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Hello folks. The name's Pixel. Well, MY name is. I don't know yours yet. ;)

I have(had?) one cat, Kyra. She is about a year and a half old and was a Criegslist rescue.

The reason I said had is a happy one though. about three days ago we found two orphaned feral kittens in the woods. They were cold and screaming to be fed. There is a boy and a girl, and they are just so tiny I cannot believe it! Before them, the youngest cat I have ever had was Kyra, who was between 4 and 5 months old when I adopted her.

These two still had their umbilical cords attached! We immediately took them to the emergency vet(we found them at around 11PM) where we were told that they were roughly three days old. The vet showed us how to fed, burp, stimulate potty time, etc. We had a close call with the little boy("Tucker"). He had gotten dangerously dehydrated and lethargic(At one point I thought he had passed in my hands, but he started moving again, so that was a relief) I didn't have access to a needle to administer Sub-Q fluids, so instead I took warm water(roughly 101*F), added a little of the milk replacer for flavor, and fed every hour as much as he would take. He pinked back up, his skin pops back in place when 'tented', and he is a little heck raiser now! :smile:

His eyes have started to open, putting him at 5-6 days old and right on the money with what the vet said. The girl is a little smaller, but just as much of a handful! She is wayyy louder than he is. o.o

Anyway, I joined up on here to see if anyone had experience raising kittens from so young. I have gotten really attached to them, and they start purring when I pick them up(provided it isn't feeding time and they aren't demanding food:worship yes kittens. right away kittens. LOL). We are definitely going to keep these two, wayy too attached to rehome them. Hopefully my vet will give me a discount on their spay/neuter if I do them both at the same time, lol
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