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I finally got some good snapshots of him:

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Photographing a black cat is quite a challenge as many of you already know.

When I rescued Sasha, back in June of last year, he was a scraggly 2.5 lbs. He was undernourished to the extent that his back legs were wobbly for months afterwards, and you could visibly see his ribcage. He was about 10 weeks old and a real cutie pie, but he was, and has always remained somewhat skittish. I can understand why since he was neglected and abused for the first few weeks of his kittenhood. He had worms, and fleas all over his body. His coat was dull and dry, and clearly, he had never eaten anything but dry food. It was also very clear he sorely missed his mommy. It just broke my heart, but I also knew that he was way better off with us.

By the time January of this year rolled around, he was 9.2 lbs and a very handsome tom. He had grown so very much and his coat was shiny and silky. Clearly, good nutrition and some TLC had done him a world of good. As he was growing up, I introduced him to raw foods right away, and I also supplemented his diet with EVO 95% canned entrees and KMR.

Today, he is one of my largest cats. He is about 11.5 lbs of all lean muscle. He climbs, he runs, he tousles with the other cats, and most importantly, he is happy. He is still wary around strangers, but it's hard to believe that he was that same tiny whiny kitten we rescued last year that was being given away on Craigslist.

Out of all of my cats, his has been the most dramatic transformation. I had a friend over to the house a few weeks ago, who could not believe this was the same cat he had seen 3 months before. In fact, he also acquired a kitten through Craigslist almost identical to Sasha, but from another poster. His kitten is a female, but about 4 months younger than Sasha. She is about half his size and weight. He immediately asked me what had I been feeding Sasha.

I do admit that I have tried for some time to get him to buy better food for his cats. He feeds them supermarket brands. I have even given him some raw ground meats so he could offer them something of better quality, but he never continues the routine so his results are not as remarkable. Then again, I do understand he is on a tight budget so his circumstances do not allow for him to buy better food for them at the moment.

I am just glad that Sasha has flourished the way he has, particularly since he had such a rough start. I was really worried about him when we lost Mikey to FIP. Mikey also belonged to the same friend, and once I took a look at him, I volunteered to help him out with the sick kitten. However, I didn't realize he had such a devastating disease, and I never thought I was putting Sasha at risk for the same fate just by having him in such close quarters. It took a few weeks for the vets to figure out what Mikey actually had, and in that time, there was some contact with the other cats although it was minimal. Thankfully, we were spared losing another kitten. Thankfully, Sasha not only survived but truly thrived!
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