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Their mad. One would think they would get info before.

Read this, please!

"According to the news reports the virus was traced to the masked palm civet.

Please note that although many reports have called this animal a civet “cat”, it is not a member of the same biological group as felines. Civets are more closely related biologically to Mongoose.

The classification system used for animals is:

While both felines and civets are members of:
Kingdom: Animalia (its an animal)
Phylum: Chordata (it has a spinal cord)
Sub-Phylum: Verbrata (it has vertebrae)
Class: Mammalia (it nurses it young)
and Order: Carnivorae (it eats meat)

You and I, dogs and bears are also members of this group. However, Humans belong to the Family Primates, dogs belong to the family Canidae, cats belong to the family Felidae, bears belogn to the family Ursidae.

Civets belong to the family Viverridae.

So civets are not cats. They have as little relationship to the feline world as we have to the grizzly bear."

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public hygiene my ***

They must think that we are a nation of idiots, and at some point i am tempted to agree. It really disturbs me that I can't do anything about it. People here are not so vocal in expressing their vews, hence I dont expect any picketing or protests. Its really sad. They're probably doing it as i type... PLease anyone help spread the news... it may not do much but its better than doing nothing....
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