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scare of a lifetime!!

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i was taking cujo to the vet today. i went to a new vet, and i didn't know they had a parking lot, so i parked on the street a little under a block away. the vet is located on a VERY busy street. anyway, as i'm walking, the door of the cat carrier suddenly just fell off, and cujo jumped right out! he wasn't wearing a collar or anything, and here he is loose next to a street with cars zooming past! i took a step toward him and he ran. thank god he ran away from the street, into someone's yard. i chased him up their front steps, where he got trapped between their door and the railing, and i was able to grab him. then i had to try and get him back in the carrier, in the middle of the sidewalk without letting go of him and he didn't want to go in! i got him in though, and halfway got the door back on. then i carried him the rest of the way to the vet with the door side facing up and my chin was all that was keeping the door shut and him from jumping out again! i don't think i was ever so glad to get inside a building. i couldn't fill out the paperwork at the vet because my hands were shaking!

after his appointment the vet helped me secure the carrier, she tied it shut with suture thread. :lol:

and then, after all that, i couldn't pay for the appointment cause my wallet wasn't in my purse! i thought for sure i had lost it in the scare, because i remembered checking for it before i left my apartment. the people at the vet were really cool about it though, and said if i called later with a credit card that would be fine. so i get home, and there is my wallet laying on the table. sigh. i called and paid the vet.

and then, after all that, i had to leave immediately and go take a test!

what a day! i'm just glad cujo is safe, and the test went fine.
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I'm so glad everything turned out ok. I somewhat know how you feel, when my 2 cats knocked the screen out of the window and disappeared for an hour I was FREAKING out!
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