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I got a call about 30 minutes ago from the spay/neuter clinic telling me that they think that someone has one of my cats. Although I knew it was impossible I called the girl that had "him".

My cats are all indoors, and don't wear collars. She described him to me and told me that he was wearing a blue collar. I asked her to give me the rabies tag number. Then I called the clinic back and found out which cat the tag belongs to.

Turns out that the tag was issued in December 2011 and it was fixed by a local rescue group that helped me fix the ferals and Victoria's mom and siblings. Victoria's mom and siblings got fixed in December before they went to their new homes. So I gave the girl the foster mom's phone number and hopefully they can get it sorted out.

When I got that phone call, my heart fell to my feet. I'm so glad it wasn't one of mine!!!
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