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We all love a trip to grandma's house, and when we visit my parents, Nito and Chica get a rare chance to explore my parents' lovely and safe yard. Here is a collection of some of my favorite pics from various adventure's we've had at grandma's house.

Keanu playing in the sun. Rusty watches from the upper left.... but not too close.

The first step outside! Nito, who has been outside plenty of times, REALLY didn't want his picture taken. His meowing to be let in was making the kittens nervous and unsure!

Their courage returned and they set out to explore the patio.

Meanwhile... Nito hides and complains in the burrow made by Rusty years ago. :dis

Little Chica is the bravest of them all. She explored every inch!

My favorite picture! I only wish the flowers were a tad shorter :roll:
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