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I was out and about today, and came across a brand of wellness dry food that has a Triple cranberry System. I bought the bag, because of the cranberry, and quality ingredients as compared to SD. Here's my question.

My vet has my cats on prescription SD c/d dry because one of my boys has issues with struvite crystals. He's been great since we switched his dry food (He gets wet twice a day, but he's a carb addict and nothing we have tried makes him more excited about food (and less likely to walk away after one bite) than the rattle of dry kibble in his bowl) The SD, aside from being 60.00 per 16lb bag (and for 5 cats they'll go through that in a few weeks), it's also FULL of by products and fillers (I'm sure you all know) SO my question is, while I'm trying to be mindful of all of my cat's health, I also need a little help in the wallet department. Can I mix a 50/50 split of this? (The wellness chicken complete health and the prescription SD C/D) At least it'll make the food go a little farther.. the wellness having better ingredients is better FOR them, but the C/D helping his urinary tract? I've looked into the Royal Canin prescription urinary tract health food as well, almost 30.00 for a 6.6lb bag I think it was (OUCH) I wish I could afford that.. maybe if I only had the one cat.
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