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Hello to all, and an early Happy New Year!

I'm writing with concerns about kitty, Binx. Each year in the summer and winter, he seems to have an irritation on his inner thigh(s) that causes him to lick himself until he bleeds, scabs, and loses hair. We've taken him to the vet at least once a year when it goes for a while without improving, and the vet always says it's simply allergies. Since topical treatments don't work for this little licker, she resorts to giving him a steroid shot.
Last time we went, though, she explained that these steroid shots increase Binx's risk of diabetes and even increase risk of cancer at the site of injection. So, I really don't want to do that again if we don't have to.
A couple of weeks ago, I started using a teaspoon of safflower oil in his food to see if that would help the situation. It doesn't seem to be having any affect on it, though.
Has anyone else had this situation? Can anyone give advice on what I should do for my little guy?
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