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Posey is on the right, Linux on the left.


That is the BEST picture i have ever seen of one of my cats.

I dont have one of TopHat yet but i got others:


Thats actually an older picture, from a few years ago. His head is now round like a baseball, and has very dark oarnge stripes. And thats our older sink lol.

Kiwi and Jolie:

Kiwi left, Jole right. Jolie is one of Kiwi's kittens.


Piper has a problem of goign diahreah (or however its spealt) everywhere. So he is an outside cat. We tried to give him a second chance, but then he pee'd on my mom in her bed.


Her and Wanda are my favorite out of the bunch, this is also my second favorite picture.

Kiwi's kittens, as kittens:

Left to right are Bonnie,Billy, Zelda, and Jolie.

Zelda dissapeared one day (while she was still a kitten) and i havent seen her since =(.

........ Ugh, i cant beleave i dont have a pic of Wanda OR TopHat.. Ill get some soon.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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