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Seeking Advice&Insight--possible early CRF?

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Looking for feedback and anything anyone wants to share.


Almost 14 year old spayed female. Last week I noticed she was in and out and in and out and in and out of litterbox with only being able to pee a little.

So off to the vet ASAP. Had senior wellness blood panel done. That was fine. Urinalysis done. Specific Gravity Urine (something like that) I was told was in the "normal" range but on lower end (1.028 )

Dr was thinking after that visit she may have sterile cystitis since all indications were not an infection.

Nothing changed in a couple of days and her in and out in and out in and actually got worse. So off to the vet again. They took a sterile urine sample to get sent out for culture to see if it was indeed an infection. While there I mentioned that I had notice she had not pooped in a few days.

More examination done and low and below---she was pretty constipated. That could account for her litterbox behavior. She as given an enema and doing much much better now.

But I wonder about that low value Specific Gravity Urine number. Im waiting for the vet to call so I can talk to them about it, but want to get anyone's thoughts on it here.

I dont know much about CRF. If this is a possible sign of the beginning of it, would love any thoughts and advice anyone here may want to recommend..

Nurtritional insights? Right now she eats "Wellness Core".
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While a low USG *may* be an early indicator of renal issues, it can be caused by a number of non-kidney-related issues, as well. You can read more about USG and its significance at the following link:

Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Urinalysis

Do you have a copy of the lab results that you can post here so that we can take a look? If not, I strongly recommend you get a copy from your vet.

I dont have a copy. I will get one...thanks.... and thanks for the link....Gonna go read up on it. And will definitely get a copy of the report...
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