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My experience with kitties started from almost birth I guess. My mother has always loved cats and had them around all of her life. Since I have lived with her most of my life I have been subjected to kitties too. She has passed on her knowledge of cat behavior and wisdom to me :)

The cats I remember best are Picasso, a barn cat I got from a friend at school. He was white and orange and I had him as a child.

Then when he was getting babysat by my grandparents they lost him while we were on vacation and by the time we got back they had replaced him with Wolfe an orange long haired kitten. (Eventually Picasso was found but was later adopted by my grandmother's friend) Wolfe was a very amazing cat, he even took very well to our Fifi a balinese we adopted from the SPCA in 2003. We lost Wolfe a few years ago. He got very sick from one day to the next with multiple organ failures and we had him euthanized as he was only skin and bones.

Fifi my balinese lives to cuddle with people. He is EXTREMELY vocal!! Almost too much to handle at times.

Then in 2008, I found a wild kitten around my school campus. CRAZY! her name says it all. she was around 8 weeks old according to the vet. She is always starving and trying to steal food lol not always funny as she also goes through ziploc bags. Although she can be a monster she is a real purring machine.

This is my little introduction :)

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