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I could do with some advice from experienced cat owners. I have searched the internet, spoken with the vet but received no advice or opinion on this topic.

*my cat is 18 years old
*suffers from kidney problems
*currently on a homeopathic remedy for the last few years for her kidneys called SUC (solidago, ubichinon, coenzyme)

The problem:
Over the last year I noticed the corner of her eyes greying -she has light green eyes. It’s not the third eyelid. I mean the colour of her eyes are turning grey in the corner part of her eyes.

I seached the entire internet for eye diseases and illnesses for cats but found nothing that refers to my cats eye strange discoloration.

In the last year she’s been eating for two cats. Always hungry. Other than her kidneys, her bloodwork is normal. We did a T4 for thyroid, normal. We did a urine test, she hasn’t got diabetes. She does have protein in her urine.

In the last week, I noticed she lost a tremendous amount of weight. She’s no longer famished but I noticed she stopped eating her dry food and only eats very small amounts several times a day, or she doesn’t eat at all and then at the end of the day in the evening eats two portions.

I started giving her vitamin supplements and a little butter everyday as she has become skin and bones.

She doesn’t have a fever, she doesn’t vomit nor have diarrhea.

She sleeps all the time, but that isn’t new.

Again I took her to the vet. We did another blood and urine test. Nothing new in the urine, still waiting on the blood results. Vet checked her teeth and felt her abdomen for any tumors.

Vet didn’t have an answer about her eye colour, even though the grey line has become significantly thicker in size.

The grey line is just colour, no density, starts from bottom corner and go to the top corner. The grey line is in both eyes but one is slightly thicker than the other.

I am at my ends wit with this partial discoloration of her eyes.

Anyone had a cat with something similar?

Maybe I can post a photo?
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