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Phoenix, Tiger & Crackhead!!!
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Bear & Crackhead were hangin' out together this morning, so I snapped a few pics. First, the knucklehaids were rollin' in small piles of catnip... I just rinsed and refilled the water dish in the foreground, so there's an overflow stain, but those water stains disappear within 10 minutes in Arizona. Then we have Bear sleeping on guard duty... a serious offense. Crackhead finally poked his head out the gate, just to get the full view, lol. Both cats like to hang out near that pedestrian gate and watch the world go by outside the fence... I suppose the chain-link gives them some measure of psychological security when the neighbors walk by with their dogs. You can see in one pic how that gap between fence & gate is just the right size for all cats to pass through, pretty convenient when ya think about it, lol. Tiger & Phoenix already passed through that gap and they're now roaming the 'hood, or at least my property beyond the fence. Nice morning for it, so no worries. :cool:

IMG_3209.JPG IMG_3210.JPG IMG_3211.JPG IMG_3212.JPG IMG_3213.JPG IMG_3217.JPG IMG_3218.JPG IMG_3219.JPG

I threw in some pics of prickly pear cacti which are thriving after the recent monsoon rains... that first prickly pear shot shows a plant which has doubled in size since I first arrived. Of course, I trimmed some dead leaves and junk from the cactus when I bought this place, but that cactus has done pretty well overall. I watered it during drought conditions, same way I water every plant I want to save in drought conditions. That prickly pear under the palo verde & mesquite out front is also doing pretty well... that's the berm on the street side of my property. Last shot shows a cat trail I try to maintain above the berm on the east side, outside the fence... looks like I need to straighten out some of those rocks and tidy up the trail. That prickly pear in the foreground is doing alright, but its growth is slow compared to the others. Meh, I don't want it that big anyway, I need to be able to get by it for yard maintenance, lol. :confused:
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