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On Wednesday, Oct 17th I found 8 tiny (looked like 10 day old kittens) at Pinal co. Animal Control. "Mother" cat was with them but one kitten was clearly dying. I pointed it out to control agent, and just then the "mom" cat stood up; it was a male. Checking papers, it was an 8 month old male kitten. I said I'd foster the kittens but I wanted a syringe to feed the one that was in serious condition. They had no KMR, so I was going to use plain water but they needed foster paper work first. While I did that, the attendant "fed" the kitten and it aspirated and died.

After getting the kittens home, I found they were about 4 weeks, based on their motor skills, etc, but weighing only 7 oz. each, they were the size of a 10 day old kitten. The county provides NOTHING. I had thought they would have at least vets that would perform some services at a discount, but they have not even bothered to find anyone to work with fosters. I am feeding KMR and Royal Canin "baby cat" dry; AD canned mixed with pedialyte and KMR. The kittens were eating fairly well, but one tiny female kept off to herself. I found her cold and unresponsive yesterday morning and was unable to revive her.

I ended up taking them to my vet who did help me out a lot on price. Gave all of them sub q fluid, but I had one other little female who has not been doing well at all. She did not respond well to the fluids at first, but last evening ate well on her own. This morning, she was unresponsive, unable to get up. I had them on a water bottle last night and in a warm area. I have had her wrapped in warm towels and holding her and she is coming around slightly. Put some honey on her gums.

ANY other ideas? She could not stand previously but is standing now.

I don't feel I can take her to an emergency clinic; money is somewhat an issue and I don't know that there is anything they can do for her.

I am desperately trying to find a 501. 3C that will take control of these kittens so that they do not have to go back to the county. If the county has no money in their budget for spay/neuter, they will euthanize them anyway. They also have no space, and rarely have any adoptions. They're out in the middle of nowhere (edge of an Indian Reservation) and seemingly do nothing to help themselves help animals. In fact, when I was there I was horrified that the county was spending money to redo offices when the money should have been spent on animal CARE.

Any advice SO appreciated!
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