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Sharky has a new baby sister: PRINCESS HARLEY

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Hi all,we decided to get Sharky a playmate, and so, welcome, his new sister, she is now 8 months old, a Russian Blue / DSH mix, named Princess Harley. We wanted to rescue another kitty from the shelter and feel great about giving another cat a great home!

VERY good temperment, purrs a lot, a bit of a scardy cat, but is warming up to us beautifully. She especially loves her big brother and follows him around. They at first did not get along (lots of posturing and hissing and growling) but now are grooming, loving and sleeping together and even playing a lot! it didn't take long at all thank goodness! We have had her for a bit over a month but only now have I had the time to intorduce our little baby doll!
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Congrats on the new addition! That's so great that they're getting along. Those two look like mirror images of each other....just gorgeous.
You have chosen the right name for your new girl-she is very regal looking, and they make a lovely pair. Congratulations.
Beautiful, congratulations!
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