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Should I be concerned?

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Greetings one and all...

The short: I'm worried about my cat.

The long: (Before I dive in I should mention that I never gave my cat a name as I was worried she mightn't like the one I chose for her. So hereafter my cat will be referred to simply as 'she' or 'her'.) Okay, so she has been living at the family home for close on ten years. I moved away from that residence about a year ago but could not take her with me as my apartment building does not allow pets. On the Saturday just gone my parents left the country for three months on business, but they only e-mailed me yesterday and informed me that the family friends who are housesitting for them have two cats of their own. So now my cat is at a house that she has always known as hers, but with two strange people and two strange cats, and I'm thinking that's probably all the incentive a cat needs to feel totally abandoned and run off into the night.

Is that a likely scenario? If I speak to the couple minding the house and they say "Oh, all the cats are getting along just fine", should I rest at ease or can I still worry myself sick?

Thank you.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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