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Should you revisit cat during transition period after rehoming him? Details below

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hey everyone,

due to unavoidable personal reasons, I had to rehome my cat. First two days he didn't eat or drink anything and was hiding under bed. I paid a visit and sat with him and he started eating and drinking water. After my visit he has started eating and drinking, also the new home already has a cat, so he is playful with him as well. Its been week since his rehoming, he still sleeps under bed and bit dull at times.

Should I keep visiting him weekly once in this transition period or its better to avoid visiting at all? I had him for over an year so he is very attached to me. Just want best for him, what would be better? Regular visits or avoiding all contact ?

Any suggestions would be helpful, and please avoid hate comments for rehoming my baby as its already been very rough week since I had to let him go
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