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Hi all you excellent people and fellow cat lovers,

my wife and I got our first cats two weeks ago. We are so excited and much like a first child, we are super nervous about getting everything right.

They are two brothers, both one year old and we named them Ghost amd Shadow, because they are so hard to find during the day. 😆

When we picked them up, Ghost was the more bold one, adventuring into the carrier box, while Shadow was very sceptic amd had to be picked up and more or less manhandled in.

At destination, Ghost was also the first to leave the box and explore the kitty toilet, aprovingly dig up some of the clay crumbs.

They then both disappeared under the bed. To my surprise, Shadow has now grown quite fond of us already, demands to be fed, petted, cuddled and to play, his brother has not left his hiding from under the bed except some rare occasions at night. While we know it is quite normal for shy cats to take a few weeks to get settled in, we are worried about his food and drink. So many people gave us contradicting advice.

Some say, place huge heaps of food and gallons of water around the bed so he can eat and drink any time without leaving his comfort zone, others say to place it away, at the usual spot in the kitchen. Some say, we should block the bed to force him out, others say to give it time.

I am just worried that Shadow might be eating all the food himself and his poor brother isn‘t getting anything or only very little, not enough to feed himself properly.

How do I best ensure they both get enough food? And how can we encourage poor little Ghost to come out of hiding and enjoy his life with us?

Cheers and greetings from Germany

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