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Hello everyone,

Attached is a photo of a kitten I'm considering adopting, from a neighbor who claims she (the kitten) is 100% Siamese. Neighbor says she adopted kitten from the shelter and no longer wants her, and I'm tempted to take her in since I've been looking into getting a cat anyway, and this one needs a forever home.

Thing is... I'm nervous. Firstly, it doesn't necessarily look like a Siamese kitten to me based on the pictures of kittens I've seen online (she's a bit too fluffy, no?). Secondly, if it is Siamese... I'm petrified of the "mean streak" they seem to have; I keep reading about it in nearly every Siamese thread on this forum and others.

I'm brand new to the kitty world (always had dogs), and I'd hate for my first experience to be with a cat who's always picking fights with me or my hubby. I'm just very nervous and would love any feedback.

Have to make a decision by tonight as she's leaving for a vacation and turning the kitten into a shelter if I don't take her in.

Thank you so much in advance!

(Tried to post in another forum subdivision, but I don't have access/permission to post in those, sorry :().

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