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Long story, but two of my kitties are sick (seizures & high cholesterol and the other's having a skin problem that's currently not clear what it is). However, a change in diet was one of the recommendations for both. Specifically, for the high cholesterol kitty the vet recommended "light" food.

I went to the store and purchased Science Diet Light (both wet and dry). However, one large bag of dry food was $30 and each of the smaller cans was .50. We have SIX cats total and they run through that food very quickly. The vet recommended switching all the cats to avoid the others getting sick as well. The problem is that the cost of this new food is just too high for our budgets, not to mention that reading on here is educating me to the fact that this food may not even be healthy at all.

I would be happy to make our kitties healthy homemade food that will be both good for them and save us some money on the store bought brand name stuff.

Can anyone here direct me in finding the right recipes for low fat/ low cholesterol home-made cat food? Thank you.
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