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sick kitten?

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I think there may be something wrong with my 4month old...

Over the past 2 days, I've found a few (3) "little round poops" around the apartment. I was shocked, as neither of my girls have displayed anything but perfect litter box behaviour. The first 1 or 2 I just thought that maybe Libby (who has long hair) had just gotten some stuck to her butt hair on her last litter trip and it had fallen off. The third one piqued my interest/concern...

I found the 3rd one this morning about 5 mins after I woke up this morning, sitting on the bottom corner of my bed...(these 3 discoveries could be related to the problem below, or could just be a coincidence)...

(my kitten-Annie) had been sleeping under the bed last night, which has never happened before, but I just attributed it to "she's found a new fun spot".

Then, in the litter box room, I saw a long "snake" of poop on the floor about a foot from either of the two boxes! (the snake was about the length of my forearm), as well as was looked like a small amount of "poop water" (lol sorry for my graphic terminology) about a 1/2 foot away from that. The "snake" was very mushy/not solid at all.

I did a litter box scoop (which was pretty clean, so it's not like there was a protest about the condition of the litter boxes or anything), and nothing really out of the ordinary there.

But kitten would not come out of under the bed. Even when I dragged a cat dancer past her (which she normally goes absolutely beserk for), she only made a half-assed attempt to get at it. I picked her up, took her to the bathroom sink (which she loooooooves drinking from) and encouraged her to drink (which she did).

A few hours later, when I came home,she didn't run to the door as usual, and I found her in the very back of the linen closet (she's not a hider).

I picked her up, and she whined quite a bit, struggling to get free. (and then proceeded to head straight for under the bed). I again took her to the bathroom sink to drink, but this time-absolutely no drinking (and she's normally obsessed with drinking from that tap).

When I pressed lightly around her stomach, she did whine quite a bit..

She's also my "you haven't fed me in a whole hour!!!! I'm starving!!!" girl, and she hasn't made any moves for food all day.

I tried to call the vet, but they are closed on weekends.

Last night when I was feeding them their wet food (Blue's grain free chicken), neither of them seemed very pleased with it (and they both normally love it)...(could something have been "off" with the food?) Libby seems fine, but she hardly ate any of it (and she's older)...Annie definitely ate more than Libby.

I also started a (very gradual) transition with their dry food...They've been on Whiskas (I know, I know, but it's what Annie came from the shelter with, and I wanted to make the switch from foods gradual-I switched her wet food first). Last night I mixed abou 3/4 of their old dry food with 1/4 of the new (Blue).... could this be a weird reaction to that?

I guess my question is where's the line between "it's prob just an "off day"/bug/temporary stomach upset" and "time to go from "worried" to "emergency"?
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Given your description, if she were my kitten, I'd be pushing the "emergency" button right now and be on my way to the e-vet.

Thanks Laurie,

I did give them a call. They suggested monitoring her for a few more hours (6ish) and if there's no improvement, to bring her in. (since she DID drink a little today)
I put a small cup with fresh, cold, filtered water and a small dish of food (from a new can, I threw the other one out, just in case that's the problem) under the bed with her, and am checking on her/sitting with her every 30 mins (trying to be respectful of a cat's desire to be alone when they aren't feeling well). When I was last with her, she did let me stroke her paw and put her head on my hand for a bit.

Fingers crossed/hoping.
Annie just emerged from under the bed..

She came up to me (sitting on the couch in the living room), gave me a couple meows. I scooped her up (she whined) and took her straight to the bathroom tap to try and get her to drink (nothing). She kind of bolted for the litter box (she peed).

I tried putting the little dish of wet food (Blue Tuna, her fave), she sniffed it, and seemed like she was thinking about eating it, but no go.

She went back to underneath the bed.

I tried the cat dancer again, this time she did chase it! Not her usual crazy beserk chasing, but enough to get out of under the bed, jump on the bed, and chase it around a bit (slowly, but still).

I only let that go on for a few mins (didn't want to overdo it)

I left the room, and a few mins later, she ventured into the living room again..sniffed one of her toys, and now she's somewhere else...

I'm beginning to think that it might be that she ate something "off" (whether it was her wet food, the new dry food, or that she somehow got into something (though I'm really careful about putting everything away)...

we will see how the night progresses... (I'm only about 6 blocks away from the e-vet, so if there's a sudden turn for the worse, I can be there in literally three minutes)
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My girls have off days, too. I always panic a little when it's Charlee (my furry little Hoover), because when she doesn't want food, I think the world must be coming to an end.

Just a note, it's not great to mix dry and wet food together (unless it's eaten right away). Moisture on dry food creates bacteria pretty quickly.

I hope it's nothing serious and Annie is running circles around you tomorrow. :grin:
Thanks Marie, you put me at ease a bit! I'll just wait out the night, keep a good eye on her, and see if she improves a bit through the evening.

I think I mis-communicated..I don't put the wet and dry food together in any sort of "concoction"...they get their wet food 2x a day in the kitchen, and their (small portion) of dry is in a bowl in the hallway during the day.

I'm thinking that perhaps there was something wrong with the can of wet food I gave them last night. They first gave me a weirdo look when I gave them their bowls (which is weird, since it's Libby's fave, and Annie will eat anything other than duck), and they took a few cautious bites, then just left it. I thought maybe they were just not hungry (since I have been gradually trying to up their wet food/decrease their dry food and had given them 3 portions of wet the day before), so I left it for them for a bit (hoping they'd just come back to it later).

I ended up falling asleep before I could go back and clean it up. In the am, I noticed that a bit more of it was gone..I'm wondering if Annie tried to eat more of it later (and if something HAD been off with it, leaving it out overnight would NOT have helped)...

(doesn't explain the little roundies I've found over the past 2 days, but perhaps those really were just coincidences)

She's back under the bed...

time will tell
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If nothing is wrong with the wet food, leaving it overnight is fine. You might want to check the expiration dates. I bought some food that was expired a couple years ago. Fortunately, I'm a little over-vigilant about that and looked before I gave it to my girls.
I hope Annie's feeling better soon!

P.S. What you described in your first post as a long snake of poop with some poop water...could that have been a hairball? Or was it definitely poop?
yeah, the "poop snake" wasn't one of those skinny greyish hairball snakes, it was actual poop (and the water was brownish).

Update: This last time I went to visit Annie, she came out of under the bed. She jumped up on the bed and tried suckling at Libby (she does this sometimes). Libby wasn't letting it happen, but I hopefully thought it might mean that she was hungry. So, I went into the kitchen to prepare a fresh mini meal for her. While I was getting it ready, I heard teeth chewing. When I looked around the corner, expecting to see Libby, it was Annie!! wooot!

I quickly got the wet food down (Blue Tuna- I know, Tuna, but at this point, I want her to eat anything), and she ate some! probably about 3/4 of a tsp. Then she left it, and sat close to me for a few minutes, letting me pet her, then went back and had a few more bites. yay! She still didn't drink anything, but there'll be some water in the wet food, so I'm happy.

She's still got this sad, "woah is me, I'm sick and feel awful" whiny meow, and won't let me hold her and she did head right back for under the bed afterwards, but progress!

My little lady: :)


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She's adorable!
Glad to hear she seems a bit better this morning...she's a sweetheart!
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