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i haven't been here in a while... work has been so very busy.

my 6 year old kitty, Noah, has hardly had anything to eat or drink in the past 24 hours. he ate a very small amount, probably 2 mouth fulls of the canned Evo 95% food (no changes in food or anything else for the last 6 months). he has been sleeping most of the day/night, only gets up to adjust his position, use the litter, or he threw up twice in the litter box. i am am appointment for him to see the vet tomorrow morning, but i am so worried about him! he doesn't feel overly warm - i'm always cold and my hands are freezing, which makes me a bad judge of temperature. his gums and tongue are pink. he seems really sleepy and worn out. this may seem silly to some people, but i've always given my animals (4 cats and 1 dog) purified bottled water. no changes with that either. Noah, and the other animals are up to day with shots.

i am really worried! is there anything i can do to make Noah more comfortable until we get to the vet? should i just take him into the animal hospital? he doesn't seem like he is in pain. something seems very wrong though. when he threw up earlier, it looked more like diarrhea than anything. is there anything specific i should watch for? i know human medicine/biology/physiology, not animals.

i'm sorry, i'm probably not making much sense. Noah is like my 6 year old child and i'm so worried! he hasn't thrown up the water he last drank. it's been around 3 hours. that seems good.
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