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I have some questions for all you experienced cat owners. We have a congested cat and we're trying to figure out if he's sick or has allergies.

We adopted him on April 14th from a local rescue that got him from the pound. He was super friendly and loving but did sneeze a few times during the first few days we had him and did a coughing like thing a few times as well. He also seemed a bit lethargic but does play occasionally. He's 12 pounds and does seem to have a laid back personality so it's hard to tell if he's really lethargic.

We decided to take him for his free well visit as soon as possible and I called the pound to get his care records from them. From those records, it looks like he came in fine (not 100% sure on that from the notes) but developed an Upper Respiratory Infection which they treated with 15 days of antibiotics and an antihistamine. They released him to the rescue and then we got him. We told all this to the vet on April 18th and he said he was fine but did have an ear infection. He gave us some goop for his ear and that has cleared up. His sneezing had diminished as well but then all of a sudden yesterday he was sneezing a lot and his right eye is watering. We called the girl from the rescue (because they cover sickness in the first 30 days) and she had us come over to have a look at him and gave us antibiotics, saying that that's what the vet would do. She's not a vet but treats the sick cats for the rescue. She said that if those don't work they will give us antihistamines for allergy. She said he doesn't look bad but you can tell he's got something going on.

This morning he only sneezed a few times but his right eye is a bit more runny. It seems like his right eye is a bit sensitive too and it wasn't yesterday when she handled him. That was the side with the ear infection too.

I think he couldn't smell his food very well this morning. He ate but not as much as usual. The only other thing we've noticed about him is that he some seem to get a bit bloated after he eats and is a bit gasey. But he does not itch or have any sores in his mouth.

I guess what I want is an idea of what this sounds like to those of you with experience. We do have 3 other cats. None of them are showing any signs of being sick but it hasn't been 10 days yet since they were exposed to him. They have all been recently vaccinated for FVRCP but I know that that does not prevent them getting anything.

My gut tells me allergy of some kind but I could also be hoping it too much because I'm worried that we've already exposed our other cats to him.

Any thoughts? We are kind of at a cross roads with working with the rescue and getting free medicine or asking them to authorize a vet visit. Or just taking him to the vet ourselves.
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