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We adopted a year old Persian a little over a week ago. We are calling her Sienna. Now that she has gotten more used to us, she is pretty full of herself. I'm sure I will have some questions, but for now .. just wanted to share (her eyes are actually copper, not golden)

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Welcome to the forum.

My first thought was "what copper eyes!" :)
She's a lovely Tortie, of course she's full of herself, it's called Tortitude.
She's pretty! Tortitude is the best! I have one too and she never lets me forget it :D
She's pretty rotten already. I thought Persians were sweet and laid back!!! If you could see her eyes in person, they are almost the color of a bright pumpkin!
That's what you get when you get a tortie. :) It's not rottenness, it's the best of the best! And they are well aware. ;) She is absolutely gorgeous!! What a doll.
She's beautiful. We have a tortie as well and she's all attitude.
Wow what a gorgeous kitty!
I was bless with a wonderful Torbie (patched tabby) for 15 1/2 years and she was full of attitude.
She was far different then my previous cat Meme, once I accepted her for the cat she was instead of the cat I wanted her to be our love blossomed.
I came to love her every bit as much as I had Meme and not a day goes by where I don't miss her.
What a beauty! Congratulations to both of you!
Oh, she's beautiful, and I love torties because of their attitude. They won't take any nonsense. I've mentioned on here before, that one of the reasons I fell so hard for Zenobi was that she bit me when she thought I was going to do something nasty soon after she came to live with me -- what I don't know.
She definitely has character. Now, if you have any suggestions for how I can get her to stop being ugly to the dog that would be great! I bought her a wand toy yesterday and she is enamored of the feather attachment (I'm trying to tire her out). We've had lots of jumps, flips and excitement over it so far. Well, over that and the occasional rogue moth that wanders into her realm .. to its detriment.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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