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Simone turned 2 yesterday :) Over the past year he's gotten fluffier, oranger, and bigger physically. Mentally, he's still hyper & a pain in Pumpkin's butt, which makes me wonder if he is more ragdoll-esque than I originally thought (I got him from a shelter at 8weeks with no real info about his background). I could be in for a couple more years of his crazy kitten antics! lol

Here are some old & new pics of my fluff-ball:

The day I brought him home

The first time we took him outside

The "awkward" teenage phase

1st Christmas :)

He's my pretty boy!

He loves to fetch!

2nd Christmas

don't worry, he's only allowed out with me 2ft behind lol

my 'babies' are so big now!

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he's turned into grand blue eyed pointed monster...
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