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So. My youngest cats are a little on the large size. They thud around the place. They sound like a herd of elephants tearing round the house. They slam through the dog door, which has had to be replaced because they came through so fast they took the door off completely. They're very vocal. When they come home, they go into every room and announce their return. You say Hi, they say hi back.

And yet...

When they are nowhere in sight, I put out special cat food for my Old Man SparkyCat, who is on a special vet prescribed diet.

And when I turn round, there are two large grey beasts who have crept in behind me making not a sound. Sometimes, it's like the feline version of the twins from the Shining. They just materialise out of nowhere and scare the life out of me. How the heck do they do it?!
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