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Alright, when I took Maleke to the vet a month or so ago for his shots the vet told me he had a little cold. He had crusty in his eyes and he had been sneezing. So he got his shots and a month and a bit later he is STILL sneezing and still has crusties in his eyes. Not a lot, he will sneeze like once or twice a day. He is eating and drinking and acting like your typical 5 month old kitten.....however he is still sneezing. Also, he has REALLY bad breath! Is that normal with kittens? I feed him Nutro Natural for now but I'm switching to Natural Balance very soon. Someone told me that his bad breath could be a sign that he isn't digesting his food properly??? Does anyone have any ideas? He seems totally normal.......and he's got all his shots. So I really don't know.
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