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I have 2 resident cats (a 3 year old male and 2.5 year old female). I got a new kitten about a month ago. I did the slow introductions, kept them separate for a few weeks, gradual introductions, and now they are out and about the house together 24/7. I had some minor hissing from my male, and some hissing/growling/swatting from my female. I have no worries about the male, he doesnt hiss much as the kitten anymore and they'll play chase occationally.

However, I am a little more confused on my females opinion of the kitten. She will growl/hiss/swat at the kitten pretty often and usually just runs away. The kitten doesnt really have the best manors (because she's a kitten obviously) - she will try and eat the other cats's food, pounce on them while they're sleeping, etc. So this usually results in the hiss/swat/growl and running a way of my female. However, every now and then, my female will swat at the kitten when they are on the cat tree and then start rolling around on her back.... so does this mean she is playing with the kitten? Or is it just an "I'm annoyed" behavior? I'm hoping the mad swatting will eventually just turn into playing. What do you guys think?
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