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So far so good!

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It's been a while since I've been on here, (a little less than a month), but I wanted to update on my boy Maddox and what has been going on.

Basically we moved in January to a place that has brand new carpet in the entire upstairs, while downstairs is all tile. Maddox took it upon himself to pee EVERYWHERE on the hall carpet upstairs, as well as a few spots in my bedroom (and on my bed -_-) and one spot on the tile downstairs. It's not that he wasn't using his litterbox, because he was... He was just choosing to pee on the carpet when he wanted to. Sooo.... With that being said, I did a ton of research and finalized on purchasing Cat Attract litter.

Within the two/three weeks we have been using it, I have not had to clean up one mess! I'm so proud of him. He's also getting better at cleaning up after himself, (covering his poop and pee in the litter box) but he's still got some work to do. Being that he's the only cat in the house AND he's also an ex-stray, he's not used to having to poop in such a small box. He previously used the sand volleyball court at my old apartment complex (lol). Good thing I was never good at sports!! Wouldn't want to fall into a pile of kitty poo!

Anyways, I've also had some issues getting the remaining cat pee odor out of my carpet so I invested in a Bissel Spot Bot and splurged on a gallon jug of Nature's Miracle. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, because I'm trying to not waste the other kind I bought, hoping that eventually it will pull up the smell and I can just have the jug for back up, in case something arises again.

Any reviews on Natures Miracle (just for cats), as well as the Cat Attract litter? How did your kitty adapt to it? Has anyone used the corn/wheat litter by Arm & Hammer as well? Does it help with odor? Does it effect your cat in certain ways? IE, Doesn't use it/Uses just fine/Etc?

Has anyone used the pheromones that are supposed to help a cat not mark/pee/spray in certain spots?

Any feed back is greatly appreciated! :) I'll leave this post with a lovely picture of my beautiful boy!

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Can I bump this up? I'd like to get a few replies and different opinions. :) <3
Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter is a wonderful product. I use the regular Dr. Elsey's
Precious Cat now mixed with EverClean but had great results with the Cat Attract
formula when there was extra stress in my home from fostering cats.

You can also buy just the Cat Attract add-in and use it with any litter; just sprinkle some in each time you add fresh litter or change out the box.

I think the Feliway plug-ins are also great. I have three of them in use in my house
and can definitely tell a difference in my six cats getting along when I use this product.

Congratulations on your Maddox using his box now instead of the carpet and for you,
too, for being patient and finding ways to solve the problem. :) Our kitties are
so worth it.
Great news that Maddox is adjusting to his new place much better now. I've used the Nature's Miracle and found it to be most effective to really saturate the carpet, even more than I would think I need. It should soak all the way down into the padding to get it all. I know it's expensive, but it's cheaper to use a gallon of it than to replace the carpet.

Also, maybe consider one of the jumbo size litter boxes, in addition to the one you have now. He might like something a bit larger to make him feel like he's back in the spacious volleyball court.

Continued good wishes!
I have had great success with Nature's Miracle, and just like LadyK said make sure you completely saturate it and it should completely remove the smell
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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