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Soft paws - any testimonials here?

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Been thinking about getting Soft Paws b/c Stephen refuses to use any type of scratching surface. And, as she's gotten older (4 1/2 now), she plays a lot rougher and sometimes really catches us without meaning to.

What experiences has everyone had with Soft Paws? Any negatives?


p.s. She also seriously fights the claw trimming - how long does it take to apply the Soft Paws b/c I can only hold her so long! :x
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Put soft paws on a week ago, first time

The side claws were too short and I couldn't get them on those.

One fell off but the others are still all on. I wish they would give you more of the pointed tubes you put on the glue since it seems like you have to use one each time one falls off.

If these work out it will be a godsend, no more furniture scratching. I am redecorating and what a wonderful feeling to be able to get fabrics I really want.

I hope it doesn't become a real hassle to have to put them on all the time. And what if they don't fall off and the claws get ridiculously long?

I notice my cat can't jump up high on the counter like he used to and he does spend time outdoors so I worry a bit about him.

So far so good.

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My cat is ripping them off too..

I noticed he only has a few left on his claws. I was planning to put them on again tomorrow, I read that sometimes cats will tear them off at first then get used to them. The claws do feel he has torn them into mishapen claws now.

I can see why you tried for a few months, supposedly some cats take that long to adjust. I hope my cat will adjust, I'll try again.

Yours is the first story I've heard where they didn't work. Thanks for the tip.

I don't know if I can do that procedure, my cat does go outside and hunts, I think he would notice his paws not working anymore. My cat is 11, how old were yours when the tendon work was done? Would you let your cats outside like that?

If these soft paws don't work I don't know what I'll do. Please tell me more about the tendon work. Can they still climb up on scratch posts? Can they protect themselves at all?

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After 3 trying to get them off

Veda, good question!

My cat is trying like the devil to get them off, biting and licking but so far only 3 off. I really hope if I keep putting them back on he will stop trying to get them off.

The Soft Paws site says they do lick them a lot at first and you will have to replace them more often at first. God I hope that is the case here.

I just couldn't give him surgery.

He is 11 years old, he has had asthma since a kitten but doesn't seem to have any really bad attacks. Is my cat considered old now? He doesn't act it but maybe I've detected him slowing down a bit about jumping up on high things.

As cats age do they stop scratching as much?

Soft Paws comments?

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Soft Paws have been on 2 weeks...routine for putting them on

I posted before that they had been on 3 weeks but now seeing my previous post, they've been on 2 weeks.

My cat bites them and three have come off. Since they were going to last about 4 weeks, I didn't replace his tear offs thinking they all would fall off soon.

Any SoftPaws users have a routine for putting them you replace fall offs if it is almost time to put on a full set? If so, each Soft Paw will be on a different schedule for replacement and you'll be working all the time replacing.

There must be a routine that makes sense, what is it?

Thinking mine are too small...using bitter apple

I replaced the missing ones last night and some don't seem to fit right. The side claws are bigger than the rest of his claws, the Soft Paws only go on part way and the tips stick way out, making his claws much longer than they normally would be. Do you think this means I should get large size instead of medium?

He bit and pulled off the last set, injuring one of his claws so it was tender. I sprayed Bitter Apple on his paws this time and he hasn't touched them. Hooray!

Archie is an american domestic, he is long, not near the size of a Maine **** cat. But if these soft paws are so small they only go partway up his claw, maybe I do need larges for the big claws?

asic...thanks for the info

You're the only person I've heard from who has used Soft Paws so long. It's interesting that your cat knows they fall off and start on the furniture. I wonder if the cats never stop scratching the furniture but we just don't know because the Soft Paws prevent damage?

Do you find you are replacing a Soft Paw often, like every week? Do you use just one size?

The medium size fit pretty well on my cat's front paws except the side claws which are bigger. The mediums fall off those right away. I just bought large size today and will use them on the side.

So one has to be very vigilent about the claws or the cat claws the furniture again...I was hoping the Soft Paws would train them to not scratch the furniture.


I have a scratch post right in front of the favored furniture and the furniture is covered with Sticky Paws now. I'm hoping I can take it off once I am sure the Soft Paws are working. As I said, 2 fell off because they weren't the right size.

At first Archie bit and licked at the Soft Paws non stop. Since spraying Bitter Apple on his paws he stopped that and although I haven't sprayed him recently with it, he hasn't started fussing with them again.

Too bad about your long hair cat, are they working on your other cat?

Called Soft Paws

Called Soft Paws
They told me my cat needs large size all the way around because the caps don't slide on all the way up to where the claw meets the skin.

I complained that I would be going through hundreds of those tubes that attach to the glue bottle if I replace them one by one. They are sending me some extras free. I'll have to end up ordering about 100 extras though if I'm going to use Soft Paws throughout my cat's life.

Are you Soft Paw users going through a lot of those tubes?

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