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Soft paws - any testimonials here?

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Been thinking about getting Soft Paws b/c Stephen refuses to use any type of scratching surface. And, as she's gotten older (4 1/2 now), she plays a lot rougher and sometimes really catches us without meaning to.

What experiences has everyone had with Soft Paws? Any negatives?


p.s. She also seriously fights the claw trimming - how long does it take to apply the Soft Paws b/c I can only hold her so long! :x
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Softpaws won't retrain your cat not to scratch on the furniture alone. Softpaws just prevents them from doing any damage while the cat is scratching on the furniture. Some cats are selective about the surfaces they scratch on. You may have to try different kind of post, sissal rope, carpet, or just plain wood in different locations around the home. Some cats prefer the backside of the carpet. Have you tried putting a scratching post in front the place your kitty scratches?

You could also try a product called Sticky Paws or just use double stick tape. You just put the tape over the spot where the cat is scratching and that will deter the cat from scratching. But you need to provide her with a place that it is okay for her to scratch.

I have used Softpaws in the past. Scrappy didn't have any problem whatsoever with them. She tried to pull them off at first but she got used to them. Badness, on the other hand, never stopped trying to pull hers off. I think part of the problem is that she is long haired. Some of the the fur between her toes was accidently glued in with the nail caps. It must have been uncomfortable for her! I haven't used them since because it was such a struggle to get them on the first time. I simply don't have enough hands to keep the fur out of the way, hold her and put the nail cap on!!! :p :roll:
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I haven't put them back on Scrappy either. Scrappy is alot smaller than Badness. I figured she needed her claws during their rough play sessions.

Ah...sticky paws all over the furniture. LOL! Been there, done that. I caught Scrappy pulling the Sticky Paws off with her teeth. heehee :lol: "Clever girl, oops, I mean BAD KITTY!"
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