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Soft paws - any testimonials here?

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Been thinking about getting Soft Paws b/c Stephen refuses to use any type of scratching surface. And, as she's gotten older (4 1/2 now), she plays a lot rougher and sometimes really catches us without meaning to.

What experiences has everyone had with Soft Paws? Any negatives?


p.s. She also seriously fights the claw trimming - how long does it take to apply the Soft Paws b/c I can only hold her so long! :x
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Called Soft Paws

Called Soft Paws
They told me my cat needs large size all the way around because the caps don't slide on all the way up to where the claw meets the skin.

I complained that I would be going through hundreds of those tubes that attach to the glue bottle if I replace them one by one. They are sending me some extras free. I'll have to end up ordering about 100 extras though if I'm going to use Soft Paws throughout my cat's life.

Are you Soft Paw users going through a lot of those tubes?

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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