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Some better pics of the manx-like Zoe (gratuitous)

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I shot some more photos of Zoe this morning in the better natural lighting my bathroom provides. I'm so glad Billy found this kitten and gave it to me. I've wanted a manx cat since I was a kid and watched "Manx Mouse," a cartoon about a tailess mouse that was supposed to be eaten by the manx cat on a certain day but the mouse talked him out of it. I've wanted a white manx since I saw a white manx hop/run across the street when I was little and I thought it was a rabbit/cat hybrid.

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Someone stole my Manx about 20 years ago. He was so cool. I remember the breeder talking about "rumpys" and "stumpys". My little Oscar was a rumpy. He would hop around the house like a rabbit. It was so cute.

I sure hope who ever stole him took good care.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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