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There was a program on TV i watched today about cats. It was pretty mixed, there was a part in america in a park where there was a colany of over 100 cats dumped, in the past 4 months nearly 40 had bene added too that.... ==>

There were some interesting facts tho aswell.
*Cats can run as fast as 30MPH thats pretty **** fast! In the uk thats the speed limit on 80% of the roads.
*A female cat can have as many a 30 kittens a year.
*In 7 years from 1 mother cat having a litter, her litter having babies and so on and so, in 7 years there will be around 300,000 cats of being born :shock: Thats from 1 mum going down, think how many that is!
*In the USA there are around 50 million cats living on the streets ==>

I just thought id share some of the things on the program with everyone.

I will probibly add more as the program goes on.

Edit- well there wasnt many more
the part i found disturbing tho was in newzealand the aberiginees (SP?) beating cats to death with sticks, and a guy building an electric fence, they get in one way but cant get out and he shoots them :(
I guess tho we need to see it from his p.o.v that cats are not native to there, and the animals cant defend themselves :\

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I love watching shows when they tell about cats like that. It's a shame though about the number of cats being abused and living on streets. I wish more people would realize that having their cats fixed is so very important!

Thanx for the info. :)
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