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Someone is puking....

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and I have no idea who it is!

Someone (I assume its just one cat) has vomited at least once every day since Christmas, and I can't find out who is doing it. Its like they are stealth puking, no one ever hears or sees it happen, its just there.

Everyone is eating well and playful and acting completely normal. Sometimes i find something in the vomit like paper or ribbon or random whoknowswhat or black hair (they all have black hair, and all groom each other so that isn't helpful) but yesterday stealthpuker threw up pink tinged fluid. So I'm worried.

Anyone ever have this problem? Its not normal for my cats to puke, its pretty rare in fact, so the fact that its been a solid week of daily (sometimes multiple) vomiting is concerning me, plus the pinkish fluid makes me worry about blood. But no one is fessing up?

Who is vomiting!??

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Can you cut one out of the herd and lock it up...then you could tell by process of elimination who it is....
I tried that. Forgot to mention. Today, each cat was locked in a separate room by themselves all day.....and no one puked. I let them out an hour ago, then just went down the hall and found more vomit on the carpet. GAH!
I'm so sorry, but I laughed at your last post.

In my house, you can't tell by the color anyway because the twins groom Cleo, so black could be anybody.

Could someone have gotten into some holiday people food? Maybe it's stress from more people than usual coming and going?
I hope whoever it is feels better soon.

Sully looks exactly like my baby boy in that picture.
No vomit overnight! So far, so good!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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