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Someone peed

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Not sure which of them, but one of the kitties peed on a pile of flyers I'd left on the floor.

I think it's probably my fault and that it's just a one off sort of incident, but I need some reassurance. I'd emptied their litter box while they were eating breakfast to be cleaned and had forgotten refilled it. Bad bad bad Mommy.

That's all this is right? No strong smell to it at all - almost no smell actually. In fact, I only noticed because when I picked up the flyers to toss them I noticed they were damp. Neither of them normally piddle in the morning until after they've eaten breakfast.

I could just use some reassurance! Both are otherwise acting fine, no lethargy, ate breakfast with gusto, playing up a storm today. Any hint of a behaviour change and we're on our way to the vet. My gut tells me this was my fault though.
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If it happened when there was no litterbox down I wouldn't panic..yet :p

I would just keep a close eye on them all for a few days and make sure everyone is peeing ok.
Even more confident now that this was a simple case of bad Mommy. Nearby the flyers my raincoat & sweatshirt were piled after bringing them home from work last night to wash this weekend. Well there was just a tiny bit of piddle on the flyers. Definitely not a full piddle. Well apparently my jacked & sweatshirt got the full after breakfast, haven't piddled all night sort of piddle! Thankfully it was my raincoat so it didn't get through to the carpet and my sweatshirt soaked up a good lot of it. There's really next to no scent to it though so I don't know if I should be worried or relieved by that.

Serves me right for forgetting their box and leaving my stuff on the floor!

I'm still going to watch them both closely and have been encouraging extra fluids today by adding a bit of broth to their water bowls. I even added an extra snack this afternoon swimming in extra water. :) This is all likely unnecessary, but just in case!

I suspect it was Pedro since he's far more regimented about his daily schedule than Apple.
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