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Last week, I dematted one of my favorite shelter kitties, a big, tough DLH guy (I'll call him Bojangles here, since that's what I've always called him when we're alone). No one could get close enough to him to brush him without getting bitten, and we're so overcrowded that we've never had a slot on vet day to sedate him...but last week, he lucked out and we were able to knock him out, demat him, clean out his ears, trim his claws, and check his teeth. He's a gorgeous cat, and very sweet when he's unconscious. :)

Anyhow, he hadn't come out of it by the time I left that day, and he went back to his cage the following day. Next time I saw him was early this week. My husband had gone into the shelter with me to work for the first time, and was dying to meet Bojanges after all my stories about how tough and growly he was (he reminds me of the old Assumpta a little bit).

Usually, when I clean his cage, Bojangles (and his three cagemates) come barreling out and run around while I work. Mr. B, though, would scurry around all hunched up with his tail curled down and attack my feet, legs, hands, whatever he could get's like I have live mice strapped to my ankles. That day, he sauntered out and sat quietly, watching me. Totally different facial glare, just an interested and watchful look (he has the most beautiful clear yellow eyes). My husband came in to help me get him back into the cage (it sometimes takes four hands), and the little stinker walked over to him, sat down, sniffed his hand, gave him a gentle nibble, and trotted happily back into the cage with his tail straight up in the air. Then he turned around, and sat there all adorable and polite, waiting for me to shut the door. :? I'd swear he was smirking...

My husband looked at me and said "THAT'S the killer kitty you've been telling me about? He's sweet!" :roll:

Urgh. I knew that dematting him might make him more comfortable (there was a lot of fur matted right down to his skin), but apparently, it gave him a little personality transplant, as well. He's still an aggressive tough guy, but he seems to be much less hostile now that he's not constantly being pinched and pulled by his own fur. I'm happy that he's feeling and acting better, but I think he enjoyed making me look like an idiot... :lol:

Yup...I don't love cats because they're predictable and reliable...... :D
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