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I was gifted a 2-month female unspayed Persian cat (Sylvana) for my birthday, September 2018. In the previous 4 years, I lived alone in my one-bedroom apartment without any pets, so I was a bit taken aback by that gift. However, she grew on me, and was well-adjusted from the start (used a litter box, was playful, ate properly, loved petting from anyone, etc.). Over time, I realized that she was often bored, and would start doing silly things to get my attention. I didn't know much about cat behavior, and our play sessions wouldn't last very long because she was easily distracted, but she still craved attention and I didn't always have the time or the energy to give it to her. At that point, I started to entertain the idea of getting a new cat, to keep her and myself company (I started to really love cats), which led to my adopting a new cat (Toulouse, 1 year old neutered male tabby).

I was (and still am) somewhat new to cat ownership, so I watched videos and read a few things about how to introduce a new cat to a household that already has a cat. I followed the usual recommendations, and after 8-10 days of separation, both of my cats were ready to be allowed to interact without any restrictions, and have been (mostly) getting along well ever since.

While I am very happy with both of my cats, I still feel I have much more to learn about my feline companions, and am often unsure about whether I'm "doing it right" as a cat owner. I'd love to make a few posts here about questions that I have about various small "problems" (if they can be called that) related to my cats, which hopefully could be answered by experienced cat owners.

Kind regards,

Monty (from Cochabamba, Bolivia)


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