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Space and kitchens?

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I'm hoping you good folk can help me ... is it possible for a cat or pair of cats to live in a small studio apartment? Would it be better for me to adopt kittens so they are used to a small space but might have too much energy for small space or would a more mature, calm adult cat be better?

I have a separate kitchen which I'm thinking I should probably keep the cats out of if I don't want to have to clear all the worktops and surfaces (which would be pretty impossible unless I never want to eat at home again!) I'm worried there are too many spaces cats could get trapped behind or under cupboards/appliances in in my kitchen too and its too difficult for me to block them. Is keeping cats permanently out of one room even possible or will they eventually "get round" me?

Or is all of this unfair and should I just wait until I can afford more space? Which might be another couple of years? :|
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I think the perfect cat for you would be an adult cat, maybe even one being rehomed because they don't get along with other cats. Square footage doesn't matter as much as vertical space. If you have windows your cat can look out of, maybe a cat tree (from Craiglist). My cats are happy on the back of my sofa looking out the window.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, I wouldn't worry so much about an adult cat getting into places they shouldn't. Having said that, I still have the space between my microwave cart and stove blocked off so the cats can't get behind the stove.
I agree with Marie. Two adult cats over the age of 4 would work fine. Kittens get into everything. They are in that mode the first 4 years. But then, maybe you like living on the edge,, where you say several times a day - i cant believe they did that!

Its always a celebration day when bonded adult pairs get adopted together from a shelter or foster home.
Thanks Marie and Mitts & Tess, it sounds like an adult cat sounds like the way to go for me. I've got unused vertical space in one of the corners of the room which I could put a cat tree in and I've got an Ikea expedit shelf that I use a a room divider that would make a nice perch.

Is 4 years old when a cat is properly an adult? Sometimes I see cats that need rehoming on Preloved that are between 2 and 3 years old, would you say this is still a bit young though?
I agree with Merry and Marie. I don't see the lack of space as a major issue, and having a window that the cat(s) can look out of is always a plus. My daughter and her boyfried adopted a cat a few years ago. At the time, they lived in London (UK) in a tiny apartment that had just one room (bedroom, living room and kitchen combined) plus a bathroom. The total living space was only 400 square feet for the two of them plus a cat. They had no problems. I suspect the lack of space bothered them more than the cat!
My apt is somewhere around 400 square ft. Mia has plenty of room to run about and play. She enjoys spending time in the window bird watching (I have a feeder right outside the window).
I have had her since she was 7 weeks old (she is now 7 months) and I have never had a problem with to little of room.
Is 4 years old when a cat is properly an adult? Sometimes I see cats that need rehoming on Preloved that are between 2 and 3 years old, would you say this is still a bit young though?
Cats are considered "adult" when they get served catnip without having to show I.D.

I think it's usually at one year. My twins stopped growing at about 7-8 months old. Some breeds keep growing and maturing for a few more years, like Maine Coons. I don't see anything wrong with adopting an adult cat at any age. When you see/meet the right cat, you'll know it. :grin:
Cats are very adaptable. My daughter's cat has lived with us (2800 sq ft, 3 dogs and two other cats), a 700 sq ft apt for 3 years, a hotel for a couple of weeks, a 800 sq ft apt for 6 months, a studio apt for 6 months, a 2 bedroom apt (she had her own bedroom and no clue what the next place will be. She also travels well.
Ah, thanks I'm very reassured now because I've measured my apartment and its 330 sq ft so only a bit smaller than Penny or Susan's daughter.

I've got a nice big double window that looks out onto a tree-lined road with plenty of birds and squirrels in the trees for a kitty to watch and there are plenty of people walking up and down the road during the day too so hopefully that will provide lots of entertainment.

Yay I'm so happy now - thanks so much :)
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