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Spam reporting:

dear cat forum members there has been an increase in spamming via emails and pm's.

please report to me any spam you receive promoting any others sites or products.

thank you for making this a spam free environment.


Please be reminded:

We have a zero tolerance for flaming. Any member who insults or
challenges another will be warned by a moderator via a PM.

We have a three strike policy. Three warnings by a moderator lead to banning.
Arguing with a moderator via PMs will also lead to banning.

As the rules state, if you believe you have been wrongly accused, you may bring
that to my attention. All of the deleted threads and edited posts are posted
for my opinion, and I will review the situation.

To the majority of our members: I thank you for your faithfulness and the
respectful way in which you have helped to build this forum. Please know that
the rules have been written to assure you of a forum designed to make you feel
comfortable, to encourage respectful discussion, to enjoy yourself, and one
that will help to educate those who are new to cat ownership. We will attempt
to keep this an active and interesting forum for all of you.

The complete list of rules:

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Not open for further replies.