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My gardener brought me two beautiful " zulu" chickens as a gift .. The rooster is truly a lovely bird .. but large and very cheeky.

Spike one of the terrible three ... the other two being Max the blimp and little ginger loves to chase the bantams ... a fraction of the size of "kentucky" ...

Anyhow late yesterday afternoon I hear this rooster performing .. I go outside .. no rooster .... but the noise ...... up in the mango tree sits this poor bird .... and its running like crazy amongst the branches as are the rest of the chickens ....running gleefully after kentucky is spike ..... like a little monkey having a ball .....

I call her .. and she comes charging down the tree to roll on her back and be generally cute .... I take her in .. and as soon as I turn my back .. she is out the cat flap and up the tree ....

I wonder what she is going to do when Kentucky has settled in properly and starts kicking her naughty butt :lol:

She is a naughty little girl ... I suspect she has a good dose of african wild cat in her .. she is larger than most kittens of her age and has a "particular" personality that I havent seen in 6 month old kittens before ....she also looks like an african wild cat.

She is also the one that likes Hailey and thinks the pram is her property :wink:
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