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As some of you may know, Timmy was abandoned and my husband brought him home. Timmy has been treated as if he were our son. I play with him all the time since he's the only cat in the house. I try to make sure he's not lonely or bored. He gets fed well. Has his own bed, lots of toys and all.

Af first he was so affectionate. Now, he likes to bite, scratch, knock things over, attack my plant (even though he has his own grass bowl).

What can be done about his behavior?
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Cats can play ALOT! Have you considered getting another cat, if not try to reprimand him every time he does something bad.. like spraying water or sternly saying "NO". The water thing scares my cats off to run away but doesn't really work well so I had to resort to lightly but firmly spanking on the butt and they get the point. Do not let them bite and scratch you, they will think it is ok and that is a hard habit to break. Hope kitty gets better! :D
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