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Hi all. I have three male cats, Two are brothers (1 year, unneutered) and the other is 2 years and neutered (nightmare). In the last 4 months , if I don't give Nightmare all the attention, he will urinate anywhere he pleases. This happens even if I "talk" to my other cats... how can I correct this? I feel like I am ignoring my other cats...
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First thing, get the other cats neutered!!! Nightmare is probably peeing because he feels insecure; and he's an attention-hog for the same reason.

While there are probably multiple factors involved here (such as not enough boxes, cleanliness, boxes in wrong location, urinary tract infection, other cats spraying, etc.), this is, at its most basic level, a territory issue, made worse by the presence of unneutered males. It is not about being spoiled. This is a stressed out cat!

At this point, even neutering the other males may not solve the problem completely. There are many other behavior and environmental avenues that could be explored, many of which you can read about in a series in our free article library at

Dr. Jean
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