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RINGRING 'Yo.' 'HI KURT! What's your favorite SCARY MOVIE?'

'I gotta say...An American Werewolf in London.'

'WHAT! THAT'S not a horror film,THAT'S a COMEDY!'

'Au Contraire. It's actually pretty scary.'

'But, you don't even see his kills! You barely see his friend get killed,then all the gore's AFTER the fact!'

'But the SCARES are unexpected and constant.'

'Man,you been hittin' the bantha milk again!? For all the viewer knows,it was ALL IN HIS HEAD!'

'Yeah. Pretty scary.'

'Ah,but American Werewolf In Paris was a turkey!'

'It was an ATTEMPT'

'Y'mean like Innocent Blood? Haven't been to Pittsburgh,since...'
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