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Spraying in the house

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My 6 year old Burmese neutered male has always sprayed everywhere in the house. This has been difficult to deal with as it's usually on windows, mirrors and all the furniture. We have one other neutered male who is 12 years old, but they get on well. They have been together for the last six years. Cocoa the problem one also bites very suddenly and has caught me on the face a couple of times. He can be happy one minute and then strikes. He has also bitten visitors on the ankle a couple of times. Can you help at all? Regards Jan :roll:
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I had a cat who would love to get petted, and just "eat it up" , rubbing her head against you, etc., and suddenly scratch you and run. (Not bite)
The vet said sometimes a cat will have a sensitive spot that itches so badly it is intolerable. The cat will then strike out, not knowing what else to do to stop that awful feeling and run away. I used caution and counted the pats I gave her, and warned everyone who wanted to pet her, because she really enjoyed the petting at first, and there was no warning. It didn't happen every time, but when I got scratched, I remembered it for a while!
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