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Squirrel adopted by cat learns to purr

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I now would love to have a squirrel! What a cute guy!
Mother cats are amazing.

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What a good Momma kitty. The purring squirrel is amazing.
Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing!
I absolutely love stories like this one. What a great cat-mum and that squirrel is just so cute.

Your kitty is sooo cute. Gotta love those great markings!

There was another video of a squirrel that was friends with a cat in a house. I sat fascinated watching it run around at hyper speed. It was adorable.
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Very cute and so interesting.

First thing that came to mind was, "How do kittens learn to purr in the first place?" The second thing was, "Did the kittens teach the squirrel how to do it? And what language did they use?" I'm not aware of any other animals purring.

Feeding is an automatic, instinctive impulse, but the purring is reallly strange and puzzling.

Thanks for posting.
Wow, that's amazing and so cute! Wish I had a squirrel too! :)
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