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Hi everyone!

I need some help with a problematic introduction. Background: My cat Coco, is about 6 years old, and spayed. She was a stray that showed up at my parent's house about four years ago. I adopted her, and brought her to live with my roommate and I. After about a year, my roommate adopted a kitten as well, and there were no problems. Coco tolerated the kitten, and everything was great.

About two years ago, I moved to a new city to start grad school, and I moved into an apartment by myself. Coco was okay alone - I always thought she acted bored, though. She gained alot of weight (she's now 15 lbs!) and I decided, after talking to my vet and research, to bring a buddy cat home to keep her company while I was in class, etc.

My mother then found a cat living at her vet's office - he's a neutered male kitten who had been hit by a car (he had a broken jaw and he lost most of his bottom teeth). My mom loved him - he is truly the sweetest and most affectionate kitten I've ever seen - and I adopted him about 6 weeks ago.

I did everything that was recommended with the introduction process (separation, letting them meet little by little, even vanilla on the fur), and all was slowly going well. They fought a lot, but I just figured they'd get used to one another eventually. However, last month during a "visit" together, Coco scratched the kitten in the eye, which required stitches. I immediately separated them again, and took Coco in to get her nails clipped. My vet suggested giving Coco Elavil to help her adjust to the new kitten in her little apartment. I also bought a Feliway mist plug in to help everyone.

Now, it's three weeks since the incident. I'm slowly reintroducing the kitties, but things still aren't going well... Whenever they aren't together, Coco sits and howls at the kitten's door. If they are together, Coco stares at the kitten (who hisses at her constantly, understandably) and follows it around, with these psychotic look in her eyes. The two animals stare at each other so much...

I haven't used much discipline, except when they fight with one another. I'm frightened for my kitten, but I don't want to make Coco feel unloved. Do I spray them (very effective with both) when they are staring at one another? Or when Coco is stalking? It's just been so difficult to keep my entire house separated..... (Oh- and giving one of them away is NOT an option, I love them both too much and will do anything to keep them here). Am I just trying to rush this? Please help!

Thanks so much for your advice! Sorry this is so long...

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It sounds like you have been doing just about all you can but here a few more things you could try:
1. Use Miracle foaming waterless cat shampoo- does pretty much the same thing as the vanilla to give them the same smell.
2. Put one cat in a carrier or cat playpen and let the other roam free. You can switch out which one is in or out. This was they can maybe get used to each other while not able to give each other injuries.
I would talk to your vet about this though...I think this may go beyond your run of the mill cat introduction. I wish you the best of luck! The most important thing is patience!
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